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Grants are sums of money given by a governmental body or organisation when certain tasks in your prison have been undertaken. They are one of your prison's main sources of income.

Available grants can be viewed under Reports. You can accept no more than two grants at a time. Your accountant, however, can increase this number to three by researching 'Extra Grant' in her bureaucracy branch. Cancelling a grant results in the repayment of the advance and a small fine.

Grant Types[]

There are three forms of grants which may or may not be available to you in the beginning.

  • Starting grants - These are grants which are available to the player at the start. They require no pre-requisites.
  • Locked grants - These are grants which are initially locked can only be unlocked when certain pre-requisite are met.
  • Hidden grants - These are grants which will not show up on your grants list as there are more than one sets of pre-requisites that need to be met first.

All Grants[]

This list contains all existing grants their descriptions.

Starting Grants

Locked Grants

Hidden Grants


Also under the grant reports page is the ability to take a loan out from the bank. You need an accountant in order to do this. The minimum amount of money you can take out is $2,500. The maximum amount of money you can take out is $250,000. The bank will refuse to lend you more money if you miss out on interest payments. You must repay the loan manually, it will not be taken out of your cashflow.

Green Energy Goals[]

Reports Green Energy Goals.PNG

Several green energy goals can be complete to receive rewards.

Green Energy Goal 1[]

Green Energy Goal 2[]

Green Energy Goal 3[]

  • Objective: Export 1000 units of power.
  • Reward: The power export cap is increased to 1000 units.

Green Energy Goal 4[]

  • Objective: Export 2500 units of power.
  • Reward: The power export cap is increased to 2500 units.

Green Energy Goal 5[]

  • Objective: Export 5000 units of power.
  • Reward: The power export cap is increased to 5000 units.

Green Energy Goal 6[]

  • Objective: Have 25 inmates sucessfully pass the Solar Panel Development program.
  • Reward: The percentile bonus to reformation rates for completing the program will be increased (currently at 25%).

Green Energy Goal 7 (Requires Weather and Temperature enabled)[]

  • Objective: Purchase 10 of each Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and Solar/Wind Hybrids.
  • Reward: The negative effect of weather are halved and the positive effects are doubled.

Green Energy Goal 8 (Requires at least 5 prisoners)[]

  • Objective: The player must not use a Power station for 10 days ingame (with prisoners present).
  • Reward: 1 green energy source of each type is delivered to the prison, free of charge.

Green Energy Goal 9[]

  • Objective: Fully charge 100 batteries. (Discharging and recharging counts, so one does not need to purchase 100 batteries!)
  • Reward: The output of all green power sources will be increased by a factor of 2.