Guard Dogs are highly useful animal entities with unique skills which aid overall prison security. As previously implied, they are the only animal entity in Prison Architect.

They co-exist with, and are managed by Dog Handlers.

These entities cannot be hired independently and will only spawn when a dog handler is hired. The Chief is the administrator responsible for researching and unlocking the guard dogs.

Detection Skills Edit

Guard Dogs are naturally gifted with a powerful nose, which is useful in the detection of scented, or smelly, contraband. These include:

  • Poison
  • Drugs
  • Medicine
  • Cigs

Guard dogs will automatically and instantly sniff any prisoners that walk past them in close proximity. This is highlighted by a small brown dog icon that will pop up on the prisoner entity.

If a dog smells one of the above contraband on a prisoner, it will initiate a search of that prisoner to occur. This search will either be conducted by the dog handler or a nearby guard.

Escape Tunnels are also something that guard dogs are extremely useful in detecting. If a guard dog walks over ground where, underneath, an escape tunnel has been dug, the dog itself will start digging. In this case, a small yellow flag will mark where an escape tunnel may be.

Furthermore, if a guard dog walks over an escape tunnel, where a prisoner is underneath and actively digging, the guard dog will burrow and fork out the escaping prisoner from beneath.

Other Attributes Edit

Guard Dogs are extremely fast creatures. Prisoners attempting to escape will almost definitely be caught and mauled by a guard dog before they are able to reach freedom.

However, guard dogs tire quickly and will need to reside in a kennel and, more specifically, a dog crate in order to recover their energy. As well as this, in the event that a guard dog is injured, they will need to rest in a dog crate to recover as doctors/paramedics cannot heal guard dogs like they can with other entities.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • There are game mods which allow dogs to detect booze as well as the other smelly contraband.
  • Guard dogs are escorted around the prison with a lead/leash.
  • Guard dogs that are let off their leads/leashes to deal with misbehaving prisoners will bark violently, an auditory signal indicating that there is trouble nearby.
  • Guard dogs are separate entities to their handlers. If a handler is fired, the guard dog will simply leave the prison facility via the main road.
  • If a guard dog's handler is killed, the dog will vengefully seek out and kill the perpetrator.
  • Hiring J.W. Periwinkle as your prison's warden will give guard dogs an advanced 50% chance of fully detecting escape tunnels.

Trivia Edit

PA Guard Dog Planned Sprites

The guard dog sprite appearance was changed multiple times before it was released.

The visuals of the guard dog were changed multiple times before it was released. As shown in the image below, it was unclear whether the dog should have visible legs or not.

As commonly known, guard dogs are used in the maintenance of prison security in the real world. They are widely used for the detection of contraband, e.g. drugs, as opposed to the subduing of prisoners. However, certain breeds of dog can be used in this way.