Prison Architect Wiki

Helipad added by Island Bound' DLC, serves the same function as a road and boat dock. It is installed to allow delivery of building materials, objects, visitors or prisoners by a helicopter. Multiple helipads can be installed to make delivery system more efficient.


Helipads can be customized in Logistics > Transport, where you can toggle each of the services or just part of it off and on. Those services are:

Helipads can also be linked to their designated locations.

  • Delivery
  • Garbage
  • Exports
  • Storage
  • or/and Reception rooms.


Helipad is also used by air emergency units such as air paramedics, air firefighters or elite ops. That how many air emergency services you can call in is also based on how many free helipads you have as each of the helicopters require its own. The air emergency are more expensive than regular emergency services.