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The infirmary serves as a clinic to heal injured or unconscious prisoners or staff. Doctors reside here. It is unlocked by researching Health.

Guards may go to the Infirmary if they get injured from violence with prisoners. Prisoners will walk to the infirmary by themself or escorted to the Infirmary by a Guard depending on certain criterias:

Health Action
0 No effect
10-20 Does not treat self
30-70 Walks to infirmary on its own
80-90 Unconscious, will be carried to the infirmary by guards
100 Dead.

Drug Treatment[]

The infirmary is also used for the Pharmacological Threatment of Drug Addiction program and reduces a prisoners needs for drugs (contraband), but does not remove it entirely. It requires a medical bed for each addict. Sessions lasts 1 hour and 10 prisoners can participate per session.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • Place small infirmaries near staff rooms, so staff will get healed by the nearby as they walk by doctors. Same goes for high traffic areas.
  • Prisoners will now steal scissors from the Infirmary. Place a metal detector in front or a security checkpoint nearby to ensure wounded prisoners don't leave with weapons.
  • After a task is done, Doctors will return to the nearest Infirmary and not the one they came from. Therefor it is recommended to place multiple staff rooms and infirmaries around the prison.
  • Its a good idea to include the Infirmary as part of guard patrols, prisoners sometimes attack doctors after being healed which can lead to carnage.

  • Also consider adding a dog patrol inside or near the infirmary - it is one of the main sources of 'smelly' contraband.

  • Add a Solitary Door over a Staff Door and leave the Staff Door to "Locked Open", When a Riot breaks out, "Lock Down" and the door will close, making sure the Staff (doctors) are protected. Solitary doors are also harder to break down than Jail/Staff Doors. Place a Guard inside the Infirmary plus a Guard Patrol to ensure the Solitary Door is opened for prisoners and staff so there is not a clog.


  • In earlier versions of Prison Architect, the infirmary was named the Medical Ward. In the Health and Well Being grant, it's still called so.