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Ingredients are edible items used by cooks to prepare prisoner meals. They will arrive in your prison in cardboard boxes via a supply truck when you designate a room as your kitchen and hire cooks. You cannot buy or sell ingredients - their arrival into your prison is automatic.


Ingredients will be automatically stored in your fridges. There is no side effect if ingredients aren't placed in fridges, e.g. food will not rot or go moldy.

They will remain in their raw state until cooked. Depending on the ingredient type, there is a chance that food waste may be left on the floor which a workman will later dispose of. Once the ingredients are cooked into meals, they are served in a Serving Table and remain there until a prisoner collects their meal to eat.

The amount of ingredients that automatically arrive in your prison can be somewhat changed via the 'Meal Quality & Quantity' tabs in your policy reports.

There are four types of ingredients: Cabbage, Potato, Bacon, and Egg. Ingredient variety in the meals is determined by the 'Meal Variety' in Policy.

Ingredient Variety[]

There are four types of ingredients that can arrive and be prepared in your prison. These are assumed to be: cabbages, potatoes, bacon and eggs. You may only see a small selection of these ingredients depending on the meal quality you serve.

  • NONE: Cabbages only.
  • LOW: Cabbages and potatoes only.
  • MEDIUM: Cabbages, potatoes, and bacon.
  • HIGH: Cabbages, potatoes, bacon, and eggs.