An independent research group are offering funds in order to participate in a trial on the effects of varying inmate eating habits.



  • Serve a single low quantity, low variety meal for two days
  • Serve three high variety, high quantity meals for two days


To change the food quantity and variety, select Policy in Reports. Set the Meal Quantity and Meal Variety to Low and be sure to have only a single hour block set to Eat for the entire day in Regime. If set correctly, you should see the % start increasing around the time that the meal is being prepared. For the other two days, set the Meal Quantity and Meal Variety to High and be sure to set three non-adjacent time blocks to Eat. The Regime settings must be set for Normal Security whether or not you actually have Normal Security prisoners. There is no need to change the regime of Minimum or High security prisoners.

You will need to feed your inmates on consecutive days. If you do not see a % by the time your meal is being eaten, check the Meal Quantity/Variety under Policy and the number of Eat times in the Regime. Also note, if you save and reload in the middle of this Grant, it will restart.

Consider feeding the prisoners well before starting the low quantity.variety meals to prevent riots.