Janitors are maintenance staff members responsible for maintaining general cleanliness around your facility, specifically the indoor floors. 

The Foreman is the administrator responsible for researching and unlocking the janitors. 

Cleaning Edit

Janitors will mop and clean grime, stains, cracks, blood, vomit, fecal matter, mud, footprints and other undesirable substances that accumulate on your facility's floors over time, especially if you have a high number of entities in your prison, whether living or working.

The bigger the prison and the higher the number of entities there are in said prison, the more janitors you will need to clean up.

Janitors go a long way to satiating the environmental needs of your prisoners and staff.

Cleaning Cupboards & Prison Labour Edit

Janitors may reside in other areas of your prison, e.g. deliveries, exports and/or storage, but will mainly reside in a cleaning cupboard if one is available. 

To lighten the workload of the janitor, you can assign prisoners to the same job by recruiting them via the cleaning cupboards in your prison.  


They will then grab a mop and wipe the floors of your prison. They continue to do this until their area is clean or until the regime for work ends for the day. 

Tips, Tricks & Trivia Edit

  • Janitors, like most other staff members, will flee from danger. 
  • Manually clicking a janitor and sending them to an indoor area of your prison will eventually force them (or other janitors) to clean that area.