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Large Pipes can be used to transmit water from the Water Pump Station.


Water Pressure[]

Large Pipes can transmit water up to 761 tiles from a Water Pump Station, however water pressure is reduced long before these 761 tiles. Water pressure is not affected by secondary pipes that branch off the main pipe, or by the

L. pipe variants.PNG

number of objects requiring a water utility connection. Water pressure will be affected if a Water Boiler is placed in the path of the large pipe, so instead should be connected to the main pipe by a secondary branching large pipe, to avoid reducing water pressure in the main pipe. Low water pressure in the large pipe limits the range of small pipes that are connected to it. Water direction will always flow away from the main pipe.

Perimeter Walls[]

Pipes can not be built through a Perimeter Wall (or Water), and building a Perimeter Wall over any existing pipe will remove it. When large pipes are build over small pipes, they will automatically replace the small ones. Otherwise building small pipes over large ones is not possible without dismantling them first.

Cautions and Considerations[]

Large Pipes offer a large boost in tunnel digging speed. Tunnelling prisoners will dig towards these pipes when attempting to escape. Prisoners always start their tunnels under the toilet in their cell, and so it is important to use small pipes within cells and to connect to toilets as small pipes do not provide as great of a boost to tunnelling speed as large pipes do.

As of Alpha 36, sometimes large pipes burst (Random Event) and spill water everywhere. it is advised to quickly rebuild, block or turn off the water supply because it will continue to spread.