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The Laundry Machine is a required object in the Laundry.



Each Laundry Machine requires its own utility connection, i.e. must be connected directly to both a Power Station by Electrical Cable and a Water Pump Station by either Large or Small Pipes. It is strongly advised to also install a Pipe Valve and a Power Switch into the Laundry as well.

How it Works[]

The Laundry Machine is an essential object in the laundry process that contributes to satisfying Prisoners' clothing needs as well as helping with Prison Maintenance. Prisoners who work in the Laundry will use Laundry Baskets to collect dirty uniforms from around the prison. The dirty uniforms are then brought back to the Laundry to be washed in a Laundry Machine. Once the uniforms are laundered in the machine, the uniforms are ironed on an Ironing Board and returned to Prisoners' cells via Laundry Baskets. Prisoners will then use the clean clothing after a shower or during free time, depending on how the player has set up their regime.
Janitors will also help the prisoners by completing laundry-related jobs. As of Alpha 21, they will help to collect and distribute laundry even outside of work time.


  • As of Alpha 16, electrical items no longer short out when wet. It is now safe for Workmen to repair laundry machines without having to worry about electrocution.