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A room where prisoners can read books deal with the Literacy need, for education, curiosity and entertainment. Prisoners can visit the library and borrow books which they will read in their spare time, wherever they are sitting: library, canteen, cell, etc.

Prison Labour[]

Room can use Prison Labour in which boxes of used and donated books will be delivered to your prison that your prisoners needs to sort these boxes of books and place them on the shelves in work hours.

Returned books must be re-sorted onto the shelves, and others wear out and become ruined after a while. Workmen will move these to garbage, and More will be delivered by transport.

Maximum number of jobs for the room is 100 at a size of 1200m² (12 tiles per worker).


Boxes of used/donated books may be used to smuggle contraband into the prison and the library is a source of scissors, be sure to install a metal detectors.

  • Scissors (Weapons, Tools, Metal)
  • Fountain Pen (Weapons, Metal)


  • Added in Alpha 29