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The Logic Bridge is a Logic Object in Prison Architect with the sole purpose of transferring a signal with an Electrical Cable, instead of a Utility Wire.


IMPORTANT: The Logic Bridge only works properly when there is at least one Logic Circuit connected to its Electrical Cable part. No other wired or electrical Object works as output counterpart to the Logic Bridge. As input, any wireable object may be used.

The Electrical Cable part can be extended without limit and can trigger all connected Logic Circuits. These Logic Circuits treat the Electrical Cable as one input signal. For sole signal repeating purposes "Equal" and "NOT" Logic Circuit may be used without the need of a Wire input. The outputs of the connected Logic Circuits can then be connected to any object that allows wired signal input.

The Logic Bridge may be integrated into the existing cable network which powers the electrical appliances. The signal transfer works independent from the power state of the network and is not halted by a Power Switch. Though the resulting red or blue colour of the network makes it impossible to tell different Power Station networks apart(if connected with breaker switches) or whether the cable network is powered or not.

Save/Reload prison does reset the network to the normal green shades if the Logic Bridge was disconnected/dismantled before saving.

Useful for broadcasting a common signal all over the prison or to organize/structure logic subsystems in an optical tidier way as using wires.