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Logistics allows you to assign jobs to prisoners, and where the Canteen and Laundry are distributed to. Also, you can find room quality in the tab.

Laundry Distribution[]

Laundry Distribution is one of the optional map views in the "Logistics" section. It is about the distribution of laundry by your janitors/prisoners around your prison.

In the Laundry Distribution section you can see the cell blocks connected to a Laundry from which your janitors and (optional) prisoners (only in working hours) will transport the laundry to the Cell By clicking on a Laundry (a yellow circle with a mop in it) and dragging a line from there to a cell block/holding cell you dedicate that laundry room to that specific block or holding cell. To dedicate more than one cell block/Holding Cell to a Laundry , click cells with Shift.

If you do not allocate any cell blocks when your laundry room/canteen is finished, the distribution will be set automatically. If not, you have to do it by hand. Automatic distribution will cover more that one cell block and will look somewhat like this:

Nieuwe bitmapafbeelding-0.png

Food Distribution[]

Food Distribution is the second of the map views in the "Logistics" section. It allows you to choose which kitchen serves which canteen. It also shows any meals that have been cooked or are currently in preparation, and shows the demand for food for the next "Eat" section of the Regime.

Prison Labour[]

Prison Labour is the last map view in the "Logistics" section. It allows you to allocate prisoners to work during the Work time in the Regime, and shows the programs a prisoner needs to have successfully completed before being qualified enough to work there, and the number of prisoners that have completed the required programs. To assign a prisoner to work somewhere, click on the room to add a worker.

During Work time, each prisoner icon shown on the Logistics screen will glow orange, corresponding to the number of prisoners that are currently working there.


The Temperature View was added in Update 4; it shows the Temperature gradient and the fonts of the heat of your prison.