Prison Architect Wiki

The Mail Room is a room unlocked as a part of Prison Labour. The room allows your prisoners to receive mail from the outside world (i.e. the prisoners' families). Sacks of unsorted mail will arrive at deliveries daily at 8 am and are subsequently moved to the mail room.

The mail is sorted by prisoners or guards at the sorting desk during work regime and then placed into a mail satchel. Delivery of the mail is made by either a guard or a prisoner. Reading mail satisfies a prisoner's Family, Recreation, and Comfort needs. Visit the logistic menu to assign Prison Labour.

Incoming unsorted mail can also be a source of contraband, so plan accordingly.

Maximum number of jobs for the room is 100at a size of 1200m2 (12 tiles per worker).


  • Using a regular door (not staff, not jail) seems to have an effect on the efficiency of the mail room.
  • Sometimes, if you have very few workers, the amount of mail will overpower them and your deliveries will be crowded with mail. A way to fix this is to create another, more isolated deliveries section that is labeled "shared" then, workers will carry new mail to that section.
  • If you’d like to filter through contraband, it is advised you place guard dog patrols and metal detectors near entrances. Ensure at least one guard is nearby to search any suspected prisoners.