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An Office is a room of the prison which is used the administration employees (Warden, ForemanPsychologist, Chief, Accountant, Lawyer).

If multiple unclaimed offices exist when a new staff member is hired, they will claim the office which was created first. To force a staff member to claim a certain office, de-zone all other offices before or after hiring them.

You can build most offices in a remote area, but remember that some administers run certain Reform Programs. Be sure to place offices near the corresponding rooms of you plan to run these programs.


The Office is a source or several Luxurious contraband. Prisoners will take it when visiting the Psychologist for Behavioral Therapy sessions or cleaning the rooms. If the room is set to staff only sector, only Janitors will clean it. Using dogs and Metal Detectors strategically will prevent contraband from entering other areas of your prison.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • There are no benefits making the room larger than 4x4, and the office does not need walls to function, though giving it walls and a Staff Door will prevent prisoners from stealing it's contraband.


  • Before Alpha 14, Offices could also be built outside.