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Orderlies are specially trained psychiatric attendents tasked with the general care of criminally insane inmates. They are fundamental for a prison with a psychiatric ward.

Several differences exist between an orderly and a typical guard - including, but not limited to:

  • Guards are mostly prohibited from physically engaging criminally insane prisoners.
  • Orderlies do not carry the same equipment as a guard may.
  • Orderlies do not conduct regular guard duties, e.g. CCTV monitoring or searching.


Orderlies are tasked with supervising criminally insane inmates. They also:

  • Open doors for all nearby entites.
  • Conduct patrols and adhere to deployments.
  • Escort criminally insane prisoners to and from psychiatric sessions.
  • Subdue criminally insane patients.


Criminally insane patients are unpredictable and are likely to misbehave. To counter this, orderlies come equipped with:

Straitjacket.png Straitjacket Used to restrain insane prisoners.
IMG 0073.PNG Sedative Syringe Used to neutralise insane prisoners.


Orderlies do not often interact with normal prisoners and will generally ignore them in cases of physical conflict. However, orderlies will defend themselves if attacked.