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This chapter introduces the player to building, managing Food matters, how to use the emergency services properly and their roles.


  • Call the fire department
  • Extinguish the flames
  • Hire a couple of Doctors to staff the Infirmary
  • Dismiss the firemen
  • Clear the burnt wreckage
  • Designate a Garbage Zone
  • Clear the canteen wreckage
  • Clear the kitchen wreckage
  • (OPTIONAL) Hire more workmen to speed up demolition
  • Deploy 10 guards around the prison
  • Assign 2 guards to patrol the inner courtyard
  • Dump the spoiled food stuffs 
  • (OPTIONAL) Take care of your inmates needs
  • (OPTIONAL) Handle the Food needs of your prisoners
  • (OPTIONAL) Handle the recreational needs of your prisoners
  • (OPTIONAL) Handle the environmental needs of your prisoners
  • (OPTIONAL) Clean Clothing
  • (OPTIONAL) Build a Laundry Room
  • (OPTIONAL) Hire enough janitors to run your laundry
  • (OPTIONAL) Handle the clothing needs of your prisoners
  • Build a Kitchen (approx 12m sq)
  • Install at least four Cookers
  • Install at least four Fridges
  • Install a Kitchen Sink
  • Place a Bin in the Kitchen
  • Connect the Sink to the water mains
  • (OPTIONAL) Improve the kitchen floor
  • Hire at least 8 Cooks
  • (Automatic) Prepare meals for all inmates
  • Build a Canteen (approx 20m sq)
  • Install two Serving Tables
  • Install at least six Tables
  • Install two Benches around each Table
  • Place a Bin in the Canteen
  • (OPTIONAL) Improve the Canteen floor
  • Install a new sprinkler system
  • Install a couple of sprinklers in the Kitchen
  • Install a couple of sprinklers in the Canteen
  • Connect the kitchen sprinklers to the water mains
  • Connect the canteen sprinklers to the water mains
  • Complete one dinner service by feeding all the prisoners
  • Find all the drugs in the prison
  • Start a drug treatment program
  • (OPTIONAL) Start curing the inmates drug addictions
  • Start a group therapy program for alcoholics
  • (OPTIONAL) Start helping the alcoholics through recovery
  • Build a common room 
  • Create a meeting place made up of 8 chairs