Prison Architect Wiki

Phone taps are consoles used to listen in on prisoners' calls and conservation when talking at a phone booth or visitor booth.


Phone tap consoles are usually built in a security room. They require a guard and electricity (one of the two utilities available in the game) to operate. They must be connected to phone booths or visitor booths in order to tap into that particular phone booth's calls (one booth can only actively listen in on one phone booth call or visitor booth conversation).

When a booth with an ongoing call is found the cycling stops and the guard listens to that phone call. If a call is being monitored, the light on top will appear green. If no call is being monitored, the light will appear yellow. Please be aware that a Guard listening to a Phone Call will not stop other Guards from listening to the same Phone Call. This causes multiple Phone Taps connected to a bulk of phones to be ineffective.

The information gathered from phone taps will be utilized automatically by the guards and given to the player.

Phone Tap is connected using connect wire in utility tab on the toolbar or by clicking the camera/monitor and clicking the connect rom there. Quick connect will link any clicked objects automatically.


  • Run your phone taps on an isolated electrical line and then put a switch and a door timer on it. That way you can automatically disable phone taps when they are not needed, which will free the guards controlling them.