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A Power Switch is a Utility that is used to control the flow of electricity between a section of Electrical Cable and a Power Station, Capacitor, or another section of Electrical Cable. A Power Switch can be in one of two states: On or Off. When On, it functions as an Electrical Cable, allowing electricity to flow through. When Off, it prevents electricity from flowing through.

A Power Switch can also connect to other Wired objects - any Logic Object -, such as a Door Servo. And can be part of a Logic Circuit.

Usage Examples[]

They are generally used to cut the power down of an area where something dangerous could occur, I.E. the kitchen: fire can be prevented if power is down during a riot.

Or it can be connected to a Door Timer to control the power supply of Phone Taps, so that they can be online only during Yard hours.[1]

There is currently a bug relating to connecting a power switch to a Logic Circuit - the Power Switch will always send an On signal regardless of state. As a workaround, connect the Power Switch first to a Logic Bridge, and then to the Logic Circuit.


The Power Switch can be placed in any location that is not already occupied by another object or wall.


  1. Example given by Etiennebruines.