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The Psych Ward is a DLC that was released on June 9, 2017 for Xbox and Playstation 4 and for PC on November 21, 2019. The PC version "Warden's Edition" was released along side with the free content up The Sneezer.


The Psych Ward DLC allows players to open their lockups to a new class of inmates: the Criminally Insane. Handle their needs and behaviours without pushing the population to breaking point. Neglecting your Prisoners’ needs and punishing them too frequently risks permanently damaging their health.

Key Features[]

Criminally Insane[]

Criminally insane inmates are unpredictable, require special care, and have their own Reputation traits for you to consider when building your prison.

  • These inmates can either be imported into the prison or created when a prisoner's needs are not satisfied.
  • The insane prisoners require padded cells and holding cells.
  • These prisoners wear white suits and 'Insane' can be seen as one of their traits.
  • The prisoners will be easily angered when their needs aren't met.


  • Extremely Stoical: This Prisoner will not become suppressed when in Solitary. He really doesn't care.
  • Insomniac: This Prisoner requires very little sleep.
  • Depressed: This Prisoner moves much slower when suppressed or when their needs aren't met.
  • Weak: This Prisoner is weak and will most likely lose in a fight.
  • Extremely Volatile: This Prisoner will set off without warning and no reason.
  • Criminally Insane: Criminally Insane Prisoner.
  • Hyper-Active This Prisoner will move much faster when suppressed or their needs aren't met.
  • Addicted: This Prisoner is more likely to develop a drug habit when feeling suppressed and untreated
  • Outbursts: This Prisoner Is prone to Violent Outbursts and damaging the environment around him when feeling Suppressed and Untreated
  • Sickness: This Prisoner is Prone to throwing up or soiling himself when feeling suppressed and untreated

Additional Staff[]

Additional Mechanics[]

Subjecting your Prisoners to excessive suppression or punishment can cause them to turn criminally insane. (Console & PC with the ”Criminally insane“ option on)

Augmented Construction[]

New padded cells, objects, floors, and wall types for added customization. (Console and PC)

Additional Contraband[]

New contraband, including Adrenaline Shots, Fountain Pens (Shanks), and Gold Pocket Watches, can be stolen by Prisoners, or by you in Escape Mode.(PC)