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The Psychiatrist's Office is a room of the prison which is used by the Psychiatrist. Psychiatric Consultation program is being run here to help calm criminally insane prisoners and reduce their increasing feeling of suppression. If there is no programs running, suppression increase and cause violent outbreaks. Only one prisoner may be treated per session which lasts 2 hours. Therefor it is advised to hire more Psychiatrists.

It is advised to place Psychiatrist's offices near your Criminally Insane prison wing.

Room Grading[]

The Psychiatrist's Office used by the Psychiatrist has additional items that can improve his ability to treat patients. The Anatomy Model, Flip Board, Leather Chair, Leather Sofa, Medicine Cabinet, and Rorschach Test all improve the Psychiatrist Office grading by one and the effectiveness of Psychiatric Consultation program.

Each object increases room grade by 1 and reduces suppression and some needs by 5% and activates a 1 day timer before certain needs rise again. A fully updated room can keep them stable for 5 days.

Name Visits required to unlock
Leather sofa/chair 10
Medicine Cabinet 20
Rorschach Test 30
Flip Board 40
Anatomy Model 50