Prison Architect Wiki

A Radiator is an object that will heat up your prison, which is unlocked if Temperature and Weather is enabled in the prison creation screen. It does not require an electrical connection, but it does require direct connection to hot water which is produced by a Water Boiler. If a radiator lacks hot water, it will be indicated with a flashing red water-drop icon.

Radiators will become less effective when their connected hot water pipe is far away from the Boiler. A radiator will spread warmth to the whole room, however temperature will drop over distance if rooms are large or blocked by walls. Radiator generates heat up to 20°C (68°F) apart from the square the radiator is placed which has 21°C (69°F). Every 2 squares, temperature drop by 1, and even more near windows and doorways.

Heating the prison will tend to prisoners and staff's warmth needs, but prisoners exposed to rain have increased Warmth and Clothing needs. Heating required depends on seasons and weather where outdoor temperatures will vary. Windows and Fans will cool the warm area in a limited radius.


  • It was first added in the Update 4, and changed in Update 5 requiring radiators to need hot water in order to operate.
  • Weather and Temperature was made optional in Update 6.