Prison Architect Wiki

Radios provide audible recreation for your prisoners and staff alike. As such, they can be placed in a variety of areas in your facility.


Previously, prisoners had to directly sit next to the radio in order for it to work. As of update 8, radios now passively broadcast audio across an entire room. This means all entities in the room with a recreation need will have it reduced, as opposed to just one.


If random events are enabled on a prison, you may receive a phone call from an official making you aware of a radio broadcaster using the radio system to spread controversy. As a consequence, your prisoners will be riled up, start fights and cause damage. You are advised to remove all radios in your facility until the radio broadcaster is fired.

Cell Grading[]

Adding a radio to a cell will improve the cell grading by 1 point.

Advised Use[]

Radios are advised to be used in the following rooms: