Prison Architect Wiki

The Reception room is where your prisoners will be sent when they arrive at your prison. Prisoners will need to be escorted to this room from the delivery zone by a guard.

Your prisoners will be strip-searched and any contraband will be taken off them, and items will be searched. They will recieve new clothes that are provided by the Laundy. If there is no laundry, their dirty clothes will be put back on them. After the prisoner has been searched and has received new clothing he/she will be escorted to his cell by a guard.

There needs to be many available guards to facilitate the process as the reception is labour intensive.

If the reception is set to a certain security sector in the Deployment menu. Only prisoners of that security level will be move there. That way you can have prisoners moved to a different reception in another parts of the prison, which is helpful when you configure(Logistics) which road, dock or helipad that will recieve which prisoners based on their security level.