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Reform Programs are activities aimed to train, educate and reform your prisoners. These programs are administered from the Programs tab in the Reports. Each program runs during a scheduled time during the day, based on the allocated Work time in the Regime, and costs money per session. Different programs provide different benefits to both the player and the participating prisoners.

Prisoners can only take part in one program at a time, and may only attend one session in that program per day. Most programs are voluntary, but prisoners will be less likely to volunteer for programs if their needs are not satisfied and they suffer from negative status effects. Programs only run during 'Work' regimes (both Work/Lockup and Work/FreeTime) unless otherwise specified.

Types of Programs[]

There are three different kinds of reform programs, each with a different purpose.

  • Work Programs are intended to train the prisoners into performing a job inside the prison. Prisoners who have passed these programs can be used as workforce by the player, thus providing them with extra income.
  • Education Programs aim to reform the prisoner so they are able to fit back into society once they are released. Some of them may still provide prisoners with work experience that can be used when they are still serving their time.
  • Mental and Physical Health Programs are focused on the well being of your prisoners; they satisfy some of their needs, treat their addictions, and try to reform them into better individuals.

Running a Reform Program[]

The tooltip of a prisoner attending a Reform Program.

Choose the program you want to run from the list in the Program tab of the Reports and click on start. A time window will be automatically assigned to it, if available, as well as a room and a teacher. If there are not enough consecutive work hours in your regime, if there is no room available or if all the teachers are busy during that time period, you will be notified and the program won't start.

To view the prisoners who are participating to a specific session or intend to, hover with your cursor over the smaller squares in the time slot that the program session is scheduled for. Prisoners who are following the course are represented by a green square, Prisoners who are on their way to where the program is held are represented by a yellow square and Prisoners who are somewhere else for whatever reason are represented by a black square. The biggest square is the teacher of the program.

To view what programs a particular Prisoner has taken, open the Experience tab of their rapsheet.

Most programs consist of multiple sessions, and each one costs a certain amount of money.

The likelihood that a prisoner will pass a program depends on their Concentration and Understanding. You can check them both in the prisoner's tooltip, hovering your cursor on the prisoner while they are attending the program. While there's nothing you can do about their understanding capabilities, you can improve their concentration level by keeping their needs low. Being suppressed will also diminish their concentration, while also making them less interested in Reform Programs in general.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that in order to pass a program, a prisoner must -attend- it. Their Success Chance only increases while they are -in the room- and the teacher is teaching. Being late for either of them will have the prisoner finishing the program with less than 100% Attendance. To avoid this, try to schedule the programs with enough advance so that the teacher can reach the room in time (especially for external teachers), and make sure your prisoners are not prevented to reach their destination in time (e.g. in Eat or Lockup regimes). You can check both Attendance and Success Chance in the prisoner's tooltip while the program is running.

Work Programs[]

Kitchen Safety and Hygiene[]

If passed, allows a Prisoner to work in the Kitchen. This can save you money as prisoners are less expensive than Cooks, and gives your inmates Cooking Experience.


Workshop Safety Induction[]

If a Prisoner passes this program, they will be allowed to work in a Workshop to make Wooden Planks and License Places.


Carpentry Apprenticeship[]

After completion, a Prisoner can work in the Workshop to craft Superior Beds, which can provide a high revenue.


Farm Work Safety[]

If a Prisoner passes this program, they will be allowed to work in a Farming Field, a Vegetable Allotment or a Fruit Orchard.


Education Programs[]

Foundation Education Program[]

The Foundation Education Program is a reform program, aimed at providing inmates with a basic foundation in reading, writing and math skills. Inmates are required to complete this program before being eligible for the General Education Qualification. Passing this program allows a Prisoner to work in a Library.


General Education Qualification[]

The General Education Qualification is a reform program, taught by a Teacher in a Classroom. Each student will need a School Desk and to have successfully completed the Foundation Education Program.


Solar Panel Development[]

The program is designed to give prisoners usable work skills when they leave, inmates who pass wil gain a Green Energy Industry Certificate.


Three Strikes Training[]

Three Strikes Training is a reform program that can provide customer service experience to the prisoners, required to attend the Three Strikes Program.


Three Strikes Program[]

Three Strikes Program provides customer service experience to the prisoners, helping with their reformation.


Mental and Physical Health Programs[]

Behavioural Therapy[]

Behavioural Therapy is a reform program, aimed at giving your Prisoners the tools necessary to de-escalate any situation they find themselves in before it turns violent. It is a voluntary program that your violent Prisoners can be sent to. This program will reduce their propensity for violence and rioting, and thus will allow them to better handle unmet needs.


Alcoholics Group Therapy[]

Alcoholics Group Therapy is a reform program, aimed at reducing your Prisoner's desire for alchohol.


Pharmacological Treatment of Drug Addiction[]

Pharmacological Treatment of Drug Addiction is a reform program, aimed at helping your Prisoner with their addiction, and completing the course has a chance to remove the addiction altogether. The program led by a Doctor in an Infirmary. Each participating Prisoner will require a Medical Bed.


Spiritual Guidance[]

Spiritual Guidance is a reform program, aimed at reducing your Prisoner's need for Spirituality.


Flower Therapy[]

Flower Therapy is a reform program, aimed at helping your Prisoners to stay calm and relaxed by giving them something to care and look after. The program is lead by a Farmer in a Flower Garden.


Animal Therapy[]

Animal Therapy is a reform program, aimed at helping your Prisoners to learn how to stay calm and avoid violent outbursts.


Conflict Resolution[]

Conflict Resolution is a reform program, aimed at helping your Prisoners to avoid violence with the help of a former inmate.


Reformed Prisoner Consultation[]

Reformed Prisoner Consultation is a reform program. An ex-inmate will talk to your prisoners and speak about their experiences in their new life outside the prison.


Psychiatric Consultation[]

Psychiatric Consultation is a reform program only for Criminal Insane inmates, to help keeping their mental illness under control and avoid violent outbreaks.


Other Programs[]

Parole Hearing[]

Parole Hearing is a hearing to determine if a prisoner is eligible for early release. If the hearing is successful, the prisoner will be freed at the end of it.


  • Prison Policy, unlocked through Bureaucracy;
  • A Parole with a Visitor Table;
  • Automatically requested after either 50% or 75% of sentence has been served.

Death Row Appeal[]

Death Row Appeal is a hearing to determine if the Appeal Board can grant clemency and commute the prisoner's death row sentence. If clemency is granted, the prisoner will be immediately released (if found innocent), or transferred to Maximum Security (if still judged as guilty).


Guards Programs[]

Guard Tazer Certification[]

Guard Tazer Certification is a reform program only for Guards to allow them to carry a Tazer for defense.


Table of Information and Requirements[]

Program Name Location Teacher Places Sessions Cost (per session/total) Session Length Required Object
Kitchen Safety and Hygiene Kitchen Cook 5 2 $100 / $200 2 Hours Cooker
Workshop Safety Induction Workshop Foreman 10 2 $100 / $200 2 Hours Workshop Saw
Carpentry Apprenticeship Workshop Foreman 5 5 $500 / $2,500 2 Hours Carpenter Table
Farm Work Safety Classroom Farmer 20 2 $200 / $400 2 Hours School Desk
Foundation Education Program Classroom Teacher 20 5 $300 / $3,000 3 Hours School Desk
General Education Qualification Classroom Teacher 10 10 $500 / $5,000 3 Hours School Desk
Solar Panel Development Workshop Foreman 20 5 $500 / $2,500 2 Hours Practice Solar Panel
Three Strikes Training Classroom Psychologist 20 2 $150 / $300 2 Hours School Desk
Three Strikes Program Common Room Psychologist 12 5 $500 / 2,500 2 Hours School Desk
Behavioural Therapy Psychologist's Office Psychologist 1 5 $200 / $1,000 2 Hours Wide Sofa
Alcoholics Group Therapy Common Room Psychologist 20 10 $200 / $2,000 2 Hours Chair
Pharmacological Treatment of Drug Addiction Infirmary Doctor 10 3 $200 / $600 1 Hour Medical Bed
Spiritual Guidance Chapel Spiritual Leader 20 1 $250 / $250 2 Hours Pews or Prayer Mat
Flower Therapy Flower Garden Gardener 20 5 $150 / $750 2 Hours none
Animal Therapy Meeting Room Animal Therapist 20 5 $350 / $1,750 2 Hours Chair
Conflict Resolution Meeting Room Reformed Prisoner 12 10 $200 / $2,000 2 Hours Chair
Reformed Prisoner Consultation Meeting Room Reformed Prisoner 12 10 $150 / $1,500 2 Hours Chair
Psychiatric Consultation Psychiatric's Office Psychiatrist 1 1 $150 / $150 1 Hour Wide Sofa
Parole Hearing Parole Room Parole Officer and Parole Lawyer 1 1 free 4 Hours Visitor Table
Death Row Appeal Parole Room Appeals Magistrate and Appeals Lawyer 1 1 free 4 Hours Visitor Table
Guard Tazer Certification Classroom Chief 10 1 $100 / $100 1 Hour School Desk


The Programs tab in Reports is available since Alpha 18.