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Reputations shown in the Prisoner Profile

Reputations shown in the Prisoner Tooltip

A prisoner with unknown reputations

Reputations are attributes that alter a prisoner's behavior and affect the way they interact with their environment. The chance of a prisoner to have reputations is increased with the risk category. Prisoners can lose reputations or acquire new ones depending on the map settings and some specific events.

Each prisoner's reputations are listed in the Character tab of the Prisoner Profile, or in orange at the end of the Prisoner Tooltip. Half of the times however prisoners arrive with their reputations hidden, with nothing written on their Character Tab, the only hint that they possess some reputations is the orange text saying '(Unknown Reputations)' in their tooltip. You can discover hidden reputation with the help of a Confidential Informant.

Base Reputations[]

Reputation Description Min Sec Med Sec Max Sec Super Max Notes
Legendary This prisoner is a legend of the criminal underworld, and has numerous skills and abilities that make them very dangerous. 0 0 1% 1% Legendary prisoners are exceedingly rare, with an unusually extensive list of extreme reputations and dangerous traits. These combinations make them impossible to predict, control, or even satisfy without extreme measures.
Strong This prisoner hits harder with each punch during fights. 0 5% 15% 15% When fighting either armed or unarmed, this prisoner deals slightly more damage with each strike than average, improving their odds of victory and allowing them to destroying objects faster.
Tough This prisoner can withstand a lot more punishment in a fight. They can also sometimes withstand being hit by a Tazer. 0 5% 15% 15% Tough prisoners take reduced damage in fights from all weapons. A Tough prisoner also has a very small chance to experience no ill effects when struck with a Tazer.
Quick This prisoner is an unusually fast runner. 3% 5% 3% 3% While these prisoners walk at the same speed as all others (subject to floor type), they can run 50% faster.
Volatile This prisoner is liable to kick off without warning and for no reason. 0 3% 7% 25% Perhaps the most frustrating single reputation, volatility allows a prisoner to engage in fights or destruction at random intervals, even when the prisoners needs are fully satisfied and reformation is progressing.
Stoical This prisoner will not become suppressed when locked in Solitary. They really don't care. 0 10% 20% 20% Stoical prisoners cannot be suppressed by unpleasant environments, PA systems or guards. In low-risk prisoners you don't need to worry about them getting upset, but in high risk prisoners they won't be intimidated by punishments.
Fearless This prisoner is not intimidated by the sight of Armed Guards, and is less likely to surrender during a fight. 0 5% 15% 15% Fearless prisoners will not gain the suppression effect when in proximity to Armed Guards or Riot Police, even during a fight or under "Freefire". While this makes them difficult to punish or keep compliant, they are consequently better candidates for reform programs.
Deadly This prisoner is a master in combat and can kill with a single hit. 0 1% 2% 15% When fighting, a deadly prisoner has a very small chance to kill an inmate or staff member with each punch, even if they are unarmed.
Cop Killer This prisoner is guilty of murdering a Police Officer. Your prison guards may be unable to restrain themselves when subduing them. 0 0 5% 5% Prisoners with this reputation are far more likely to be seriously injured or even killed by guards if they get into fights. If they lack other dangerous traits it might be wise to keep them in low security wings where fights erupt less.
Instigator This prisoner sows seeds of discontent in all those nearby. When they cause trouble, nearby prisoners will feel compelled to do the same. 0 1% 3% 3% When an Instigator breaks the rules, all inmates in their proximity have a statistical greater chance to start or continue rioting, escaping, fighting, damaging property, stealing, or otherwise misbehaving.
Skilled Fighter This prisoner is skilled in defensive combat moves. They can disarm their opponent, or even take their weapon from them in a fight. 1% 2% 5% 5% A Skilled Fighter has a very small chance to disarm inmates and guards that they fight. They may even be able to take and use their arms, whether guns or melee weapons.
Dealer This prisoner has a history with Narcotics, they are always able to get the best deal from any contraband trading. 3% 5% 15% 0 This prisoner can more easily get their hands on narcotics contraband and can share it with fellow inmates.
Supplier This prisoner has a history with Narcotics, they're able to produce narcotics much more easily than other inmates. 3% 5% 15% 0 This prisoner is skilled into producing narcotics in the fields and booze in their own cell.
Green Thumb This prisoner is particularly good with plants; they require no training to support Farm Workers and have an increased yield. 3% 5% 15% 0 This prisoner doesn't require the Farm Work Safety program to work in a farming field, vegetable allotment or fruit orchard, and is able to harvest more units of food from a single plant.
Foodie This prisoner prefers to eat interesting and organic meals; they will receive comfort from eating prison-grown food. 3% 5% 15% 0 When this prisoner eats prison produced vegetables and fruits, their comfort need decreases.

Extreme Reputations[]

The following reputations are an improved version of some of the previous one, usually born by the most dangerous prisoners. Legendary prisoners have always at least 4 of these.

Reputation Notes
Expert Fighter An Expert Fighter has the same capabilities as a Skilled Fighter, but is more likely to successfully disarm an opponent in a fight.
Extremely Deadly Extremely Deadly prisoners can kill opponents instantly in a fight. This happens infrequently, but often enough to be a powerful attribute.
Extremely Quick An Extremely Quick inmate still walks at the same speed as everyone else, but can run twice as fast.
Extremely Strong Extreme strength allows these prisoners to win fights, break down doors, and destroy things very quickly.
Extremely Tough These prisoners take very little damage while fighting and have a small but appreciable chance of walking away from Tazer attacks unfazed.
Extremely Volatile Just like Volatile prisoners, those that are Extremely Volatile are unpredictably violent, but misbehave much more frequently.

Reputations of Targeted Prisoners[]

These reputations make the life of the owner in danger. (See: Protective Custody for more information)

Reputation Description Min Sec Med Sec Max Sec Super Max Notes
Snitch This prisoner is a known informant, and as such their life may be in danger. Don't leave them alone with other prisoners too long. 3% 2% 1% 1% Ratting out their partners in crime has done the Snitch no favors now that they are in prison. Knowing this reputation, other prisoners will fear they are a Confidential Informant and attempt to kill them if given an opportunity. Protective Custody is advised.
Ex-Law Enforcement This prisoner was once a Police Officer, or some other law enforcement profession. Their life may be in danger. 3% 2% 1% 1% This prisoner is likely to be attacked if left unsupervised with other inmates for too long. Attacks are more likely and more successful if they are near higher risk inmates.
Ex-Prison Guard This prisoner was once a Police Officer, or some other law enforcement profession. Their life may be in danger. ? ? ? ? Admittedly rarer than Ex-Law Enforcement, prisoners with this reputation suffer the same threat, though it is more severe. Fellow inmates will attack at the slightest opportunity.

Special Reputations[]

Reputation Description Min Sec Med Sec Max Sec Super Max Notes
Gang Member This prisoner belongs to a gang. They will defend their fellow gang members and harbour hatred towards rival gangs. 0 10% 25% 20% Only available if Gangs are enabled in the map settings. The effects of a gang affiliation are numerous. (See: Gangs for more information)

Event Reputations[]

The following Reputations are randomly assigned to already existing prisoners as effect of an event, only if Events are enabled in the map settings.

Reputation Description Notes
Federal Witness This prisoner is a witness in an important legal case, and as such has been targeted for death by a gang or crime boss. Similar to Snitches, Ex-Prison Guards and Ex-Law-Enforcement, this prisoner will be murdered in short order if not kept safe in Protective Custody.
Preacher This prisoner is extremely charismatic and is able to convert others to their religion, giving them the Spirituality need. This "charismatic" prisoner causes other inmates to become interested in religion and spirituality, increasing the overall number of prisoners with the spirituality need.

Extra Reputations[]

The following reputations are available only after enabling the game mutator 'Extra Reputations'. They add extra challenge to the game.

Reputation Description Notes
Connected This prisoner has connections everywhere, inside the prison and out. They are able to produce contraband seemingly out of nowhere. This prisoner has the ability to spawn contraband out of thin air. You will find their cell packed with unauthorized goods, even if you lock them in permanent lockdown.
Workaholic This prisoner is compelled to work, and will continue working until there is nothing else to do, ignoring the regime and any needs. This prisoner will work even during non-work regimes like eat or sleep. Workaholics are very useful if you use prison labour, but it can be tough to keep their needs in check. Even if you have Events active and are forced to lower work hours, a Workaholic will continue to work regardless. Once they have chosen their job, they will rarely change.
Clean This prisoner is obsessed with being clean, their hygiene need will go up much faster than normal. This prisoner will need to satisfy their hygiene need more often than usual.
Pickpocket This prisoner is quick fingered, and will frequently attempt to steal from whoever has the misfortune of being nearby. This prisoner is able to steal equipment from other inmates or staff members just by walking past them.
Identity Thief This prisoner is able to copy the behaviors and actions of nearby prisoners, duplicating their reputations. This is probably the most problematic reputation of all, as this prisoner constantly copies the traits other prisoners have, and can gradually become as dangerous as any Legendary prisoner; they can also copy bad traits such as Snitch. The only trait they can NOT obtain is Gang Member, which must be given by a gang leader. Identity thieves should be isolated as soon as they are discovered, either in permanent lockdown or in wings with prisoners with no problematic reputations.
Escape Artist This prisoner is a professional escape artist, and breaks out of things for fun. Constantly trying to lift jail keys and then break out. This prisoner randomly obtains keys, and then tries to escape your prison in any way possible. Detrimental when mixed with the Instigator, Connected and/or Deadly reputations.

Criminally Insane Reputations[]

The following reputations can only be obtained by Criminally Insane inmates.

Reputation Description Notes
Criminally Insane Make sure this inmate has access to Psychiatric Consultation sessions and a padded cell, to help keeping them calm. A reputation shared between all Criminally Insane prisoners.
Addiction This prisoner is more likely to develop a drug habit when feeling suppressed and untreated. -
Claustrophobic This prisoner's desire to escape their surroundings is much higher when feeling suppressed and untreated. -
Depressed This prisoner moves much slower when feeling suppressed and untreated. -
Hyperactive Moves around much faster when feeling suppressed and untreated. -
Insomniac This prisoner requires very little sleep. Sleep needs of these prisoners increase much more slowly than usual. They also spend less time asleep, even during sleep times.
Outbreaks This prisoner is prone to violent outbursts and they damage the environment around them when feeling suppressed and untreated.
Sickness This prisoner is prone to throwing up or soiling himself when feeling suppressed and untreated. -
Weak This prisoner is weaker, will not fare well in a fight and is therefore more susceptible to injuries. -


Reputations were introduced in Alpha 25.