Prison Architect Wiki

The scanner machine is an object exclusive to Island Bound DLC. It can be installed in a delivery or storage room and be used to scan boxes for all kinds of contraband.

Before this object can be purchased, it must be unlocked by researching surveillance.

To function properly:

  • The scanner machine must be powered and connected to the power system by a cable.
  • It must be also connected to the scanner monitor (in the same way as CCTV monitor to CCTV cameras).
  • The scanner monitor must be operated by a guard.
  • You must have at least one free workman ready to load and unload the boxes.
  • It must be in a delivery or storage marked room.

The whole process is very simple. Once all of the above conditions are met, workmen will start loading the boxes onto the machine, one by one. The guard operating the monitor should be able to spot contraband depending on their tiredness. That's why it's imperative to have all guards well-rested, because otherwise, the whole process might be pointless.

If contraband is detected in a box, a guard will be notified and sent to search the box, similar to when a metal detector or dog handler 'detects' contraband (accuracy rates vary).