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Security rooms are the base of operations for your guards and is a place where they will reside if they are not conducting any jobs. It can be place both indoor and outdoor.


Security rooms can be good areas to house surveillance equipment, though they can be placed in other rooms. Placing them in a security room will keep them protected from sabotage/destruction from prisoners and will ensure they are almost always manned, since there will be a constant flow of guards in and out said room. It is advised to designate the security room as staff-only.

Tired guards will leave machines unmanned to get rest. Staff needs further enhances this. Make sure to have redunancy guards. Also consider increasing the amount of guards that can take a break at any time. This can be changed under Needs in the Reports menu.

Confidential Informants[]

Another purpose of the security room is to provide a secure meeting point where prisoners, recruited as confidential informants, can relay information obtained covertly to prison security.

Once a confidential informant has been activated via the intelligence overlay, a guard will escort them to the nearest security room - and the exchange of information will then begin. Confidential Informants are not shackled whilst in your security office, so they may use their stay there as an opportunity to steal contraband. Ensure you search them after they leave. More about confidential informants can be read here.


Unbeknownst to most, prison guards are considered a gang within their own right and are arguably the most domineering. If 'gangs' is enabled in a prison, security rooms will project "guard territory power" to adjacent yards and common rooms. This will make a gang think twice before attempting a takeover. More about gangs can be read here.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • If the room is dedicated to CCTV Monitors, they must be placed so that a guard can stand in the front middle square for the CCTV Monitor to function. Sides of the monitors may overlap. But each monitor requires 1 guard and 1 space directly in front of it.
  • It is wise to position security rooms in close proximity to staff rooms, so that guards can quickly resume security office duties after resting.
  • Placing a Security room near you cell blocks allows fast response to handle problems.
  • During riot situations, prisoners may attempt to breach security rooms to gain access to the door controls. It is advised to safeguard such technology with a solitary/remote door, and have guards in and around your security offices.