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Security Sectors[]

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Security Sectors (SS) is a feature of the game which allows you to designate areas different security levels to different areas, allowing inmates to access some or all of the areas depending on their security level.

How They Work[]

Security Sectors (SS) is designed to allow certain people to access areas. For example, staff-only areas will only allow staff to enter. SuperMax areas will only allow SuperMax inmates. When an area is listed for a certain security level, inmates will prefer to use that area instead of other options available. For example, if there are 2 shower blocks, one for the general population, another for Low-security inmates, low-security inmates will prefer to use their shower block than medium security shower room. Shared areas will allow all inmates with all security levels to access these zones.

Areas these are recommended []

Areas that should have security levels include

  • All areas only staff should have staff-only security, examples include Staffrooms, security rooms(C.I.s will still work, kennels, offices and especially the armoury(don't want inmates getting shotguns and killing your staff).
  • Certain cell blocks like Max sec, and SuperMax, will restrict access to minimum and medium-security inmates Also having a Protected only cell block is recommended to keep protected inmates alive.
  • Certain workplaces so only your Min sec inmates are working in the staff kitchen, will restrict access to any other inmate.
  • Areas that keep a lot of inmates in one area, like canteens, showers, and yards, higher risk inmates will easily be able to go on a murdering spree.

Things You need To be aware of (If you are New)[]

Note that staff and visitors will ignore all security sectors except Access only

  • Minimum Security- (Blue)- Only Minimum Security inmates are allowed.
  • Medium Security- (Orange)- Only Medium Security inmates are allowed.
  • Maximum Security- (Red)- Only Maximum Security inmates are allowed.
  • Protective Custody- (Yellow)-Only Protective Custody inmates are allowed.
  • SuperMax- (Dark Red)- Only Super-Max Security prisoners are allowed in Super-Max areas
  • Death Row- (Gray)- Only Prisoners Confined To Death Row Are allowed in Death Row Areas.
  • Staff Only- (Purple)- Only Staff Are Allowed. Suitable for the Armoury, kennel, and Staff Room.
  • Unlocked- (Green)- Permanently unlock all doors in the area.
  • Shared- (White)- An Area Shared by everyone. Suitable for yards, chapel, workshops, and cellblocks.
  • Insane Security- (Bright Red, [Requires DLC])- Only criminally insane inmates will be allowed to enter these areas.
  • Access only- All NPCs will attempt to avoid these areas UNLESS it's their only route to an area.


  • In Escape Mode, If you enter a different sector you are not allowed in, you will be immediately be hunted by all surrounding guards.
  • Visitors and staff will ignore these sectors except for the Access only area.