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Sinks are used by the Cooks to wash dirty food trays.

A cook (or prisoner if prison labor is enabled and qualified prisoners are available after mealtime) will walk up to a sink carrying a stack of dirty food trays and proceed to clean the trays with what appears to be scrubbing brush. With the addition of staff meals in Update 11 (and the dirty trays that come with them), the sink can be placed in the Staff Room as well as the Canteen.

Sinks require cold water to function, but providing them with hot water will boost the speed at which they operate (since Update 5c).

Providing the sink with cold water, it takes about 8 seconds to wash a food tray. With hot water, it takes 5 seconds to wash a food tray.


  • Water Connection
  • (Optional) Hot Water Connection

Required In[]

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