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A Solitary Cell is a specialized cell designed to suppress prisoners as a punishment for misbehavior in the prison. Solitary cells are not affected by Cell Grading and will not increase the prisons capacity.

Prisoners entering the Solitary Cell will enter handcuffed and will not be able to use some facilities, and they will be fed by a guard (to prevent starvation). While in solitary, prisoners build up suppression quickly and will reach max after 2 hours, 15minutes in-game . Warden Rita will reduce the time by 50%.

Wardens can set when prisoners can be punished with solitary confinement by the Policy screen, and individual prisoners can be assigned to solitary by clicking on them and selecting/canceling the appropriate punishment option.

Confidential Informants[]

Prisoners can only be recruited as confidential informants when they are in solitary confinement. See main article on confidential informants for more information.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • For a less ethical warden, a troublesome prisoner locked in solitary behind a permanently locked door will die.
  • Solitary cells do not have to be indoors, so wardens may construct them as walled outdoor spaces to save money on foundations.
  • If all prisoners in your prison are assigned to individual cells (i.e. not dormitories), it is recommended that solitary be reserved for escape attempts and in turn, remove toilets from all solitary cells. Despite this, it may be wise to add a toilet in solitary cells if bladder needs are too high.
  • Hovering your mouse or controller over the confined prisoner, will display what they are confined for.


  • As of Alpha 31, a prisoner placed in solitary will be fed when a guard or cook drops off a tray of food in the cell (to prevent starvation).
  • In Alpha 10, there was a bug in which doors for Solitary Cell doors won't close automatically, allowing prisoners to escape. This was rectified as of Alpha 11, and as of Alpha 28, prisoners cannot escape cells through any other means than a tunnel via the toilet.