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Solitary doors are tough, sturdy and extremely strong doors capable of absorbing vast amounts of damage whilst remaining functional.

As such, they are better used as jail doors for your most troublesome, violent and dangerous prisoners - for example, prisoners belonging to SuperMax.

Further uses may include:

Aside from this their intended purpose, as their name suggests, is to close off solitary confinement cells.

Miscellaneous & Trivia[]

Solitary Door in Solitary Cell

  • Only personnel with jail keys can open solitary doors, i.e. guards.
  • Solitary doors can be automated through the use of door servos & DCSs.
  • Unlike jail doors, solitary doors will not remain open during certain regime times, even if a prisoner is inside their cell. They will close automatically.
  • Solitary doors were once the strongest form of door in-game. That title is now held by the road barriers.