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Spiritual guidance is a course an inmate can take to lower the spirituality need.

Some prisoners are religious, or have a general need for some spirituality in their life. Bring in a spiritual leader from the local community to lead them through prayers and instill a sense of calm amongst your prisoners.


  1. A Chapel with Pews or a Prayer Mat for each prisoner;
  2. Two consecutive hours of 'Work' in the Regime;
  3. Only for prisoners with the spirituality need.


  • 1 sessions, $250 per session (total = $250)
  • Session length = 2 hours
  • Led by a Spiritual Leader in a Chapel
  • Each Prisoner requires a Prayer Mat or Pews every 4 prisoners
  • Maximum of 20 students per session (no need for more than 5 pews or more than 20 prayer mats)
  • Each prisoner requires a specific need before joining
  • Can hire externally
  • Students Sit
  • Repeatable
  • Easy


  • Reduces prisoner's Spiritual need
  • Adds a "Calming" effect on the prisoners, making them less likely to be violent


  • There are 7 different spiritual leaders, each representing a religion.
  • The same inmates will show up even if there is a different spiritual leader.


File = reform_programs.txt

BEGIN Program
    Name            SpiritualGuidance
    SessionCost     -250
    Places          20
    SessionLength   120
    NumSessions     1
    Difficulty      10
    Room            Chapel
    Equipment       Pews
    EquipmentAlt    PrayerMat
    Teacher         SpiritualLeader
    TeacherEquipment Altar
    Intake          NeedRequired
    RequiredNeed    Spirituality
    Properties      CanHireExternally
    Properties      StudentsSit
    Properties      Repeatable
    ProgressEffect  calming
    EffectChargeRate 1.0
    DischargeNeed   Spirituality