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The Staff Room is an area where the staff members of your prison will go when they begin to tire.

A small green bar, symbolic of a staff member's energy levels, will slowly diminish the longer a staff member works without rest. When the bar has depleted, a staff member will cease their activity and head to a nearby staff room in order to recover their energy to work again.

Staff Needs[]

This mechanic works slightly different when Staff Needs is enabled. Your staff rooms will hold a lot more importance and relevancy in these circumstances. Staff members will seek to satisfy their rest & comfort needs in a staff room. It would be of benefit to place other Objects in your staff rooms such as pool tables, radios, TVs, toilets and/or even a serving table as staff members who are "On Break" can satisfy more needs this way (e.g. food, bladder/bowels, recreation).

If you have "Temperature & Weather" enabled, it would be wise to place a radiator in your staff rooms too, as to satiate Warmth needs. Also build a Staff Canteen next to the staff room for efficiency, so your staff can eat while off-duty. The staff canteen must be set to staff only in the deployment tab. (If you are short on cash, a viable temporary solution is to simply put a serving table and benches in the Staff Room itself.


The Staff Room is a source for multiple contraband so it is advised make sure prisoners can't enter the room by setting it to staff only in the deployment tab.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • Build multiple staff rooms around the prison to minimize the distance staff have to travel in order to reach a room; there is no limit on the number of staff rooms you can create.
  • Build staff rooms close to areas where you have CCTV & Door Control Systems (Security) as well as other surveillance equipment. When Guards are relieved of duty, they do not need to travel far to recover. Usually, other guards can quickly re-assume surveillance duty.
  • You cannot make staff rest, they will go only during their break.
  • You can build an infirmary leading through to the staff room (along with security and armoury) so that any injured staff members can be healed before resting.
  • It is wise to have a "staff area", in which all staff-related rooms are, minimizing movement times and increasing efficiency. (i.e having Security next to the staff room)