Prison Architect Wiki

Storage is an area where objects are stored. Workers will move the objects here from Delivery zone. Food and prisoners can't be moved here. This is also the only area where any dismantled or laying objects will be moved to. If no storage area exists then items will be left on the ground instead.

Storage has no requirements and can be defined both indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, if a workman is not currently doing any tasks, he will return to the Storage roomDeliveries area, or Garbage area. Janitors and Gardeners will return to Storage room.


Storage room should be kept "staff only", enclosed and separated from prisoners as several contraband can be found in the storage area, but can easily be countered with a metal detector.


  • Storage areas near rooms that uses them frequently will reduce walking distance for relevant staff.
  • When starting a new prision, a temporary storage area can be on the otherside of the road, this makes more space available for Deliveries, which is important especially when starting a Prision.