Prison Architect Wiki

Tables are multi-purposeful surfaces which are essential for some rooms, such as the Reception and Armoury. However, most players like to include Tables in their Canteen. They match perfectly with Benches. Some purposes of the table include:

  • Store letters & mail in the Mail Room.
  • Provide a place for prisoners and staff to use food trays.
  • Will hold shop supplies, wood and metals in the Workshop and prisoner laundry in the Reception and Laundry.

Dependent on one's preferences, normal tables can be replaced by the Oak Table, which is slightly smaller than the table. The Oak Table can be used in any of the listed required rooms. In addition, there are more, decorative tables which cannot be used as substitutes:

Small Table[]

The Small Table is half the size of the regular table, therefore making it 2*1. This table is able to replace the usual table in any room, making it a much smaller alternative. The Small Table match perfectly with Small Benches.