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Tasers are weapons which fire high voltage charges to subdue misbehaving prisoners. These weapons are used by Armed Guards automatically (if researched) but can be extended to normal guards via the 'Taser Certification Program' (unlocked by 'Taser Rollout'). Both must be researched by the Chief in bureaucracy tree.

Once researched, each guard must then pass the 'Guard Taser Certification' program. These are lessons taught in a classroom and led by the chief himself. Once a guard has passed this program they will be able to use acquire a taser from the Armoury and utilize it whenever needed. 

For each guard that passes the program and acquires a taser, you will be charged $400 (taser cost)

Tasers are very efficient to immediately subdue to a few prisoners in a small riot, or in an escape, but has too slow of a rate-of-fire to be effective in a large riot. On a successful hit, tasers will fully immobilize the targeted prisoner (similar to the 'unconscious' effect). They will gain the 'Tazed' status effect which lasts from around half an hour to an hour in in-game time. 

Important Information[]

  • Prisoners with the "tough" reputation will less likely be rendered unconscious by a taser shot and even less if they are "extremely tough".
  • After a taser is used, the guard must wait a game hour before it can be used again.
  • A taser that is fired by a guard or a prisoner has a 60% accuracy rate and a 70% accuracy rate for Armed Guards.