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Teachers are externally-hired staff members who are responsible for educating prisoners. Said education takes place within classrooms.

Teachers may teach one of two reform programs:

Teachers, like most externally-hired staff members, will arrive a few in-game hours prior to the start of the program. They will leave along with the prisoners at the end.

Teachers are vulnerable to prisoner attack like any other staff entity. It is recommended that a guard is stationed in or around each of your classrooms during work times in order to safeguard them.


Education must be researched by your Warden via the bureaucracy tab before teachers, classrooms and education programs can be implemented.

For every educational program scheduled, there must be a free classroom.


  • Guards are an important extra to assign in and around your classroom areas. However, be sure not to assign armed guards whose suppression effect can reduce a prisoner's ability to successfully complete educational reform programs
  • Teachers spawn at the top of the road or arrives using boat or helicopter
  • Teachers will move indiscriminately around the classroom. They will not necessarily stay behind the office desk.