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Charles Wallace, also known as "The CEO", is a government official and chief executive officer of 'Prison Architect Corps'. He is a reoccurring campaign character who appears in most prison story chapters.

The most significant chapter, involving Wallace was G.A.B.O.S. Charles Wallace found himself caught in a large-scale riot at Alchemico State Prison. Moments before being taken captive by Douglas Benedict, Wallace was in the middle of burning a folder which he said contained evidence that detailed the worth of keeping incarcerated inmates. He later admitted that Mayor Calvin Heller was also involved in the money-making scandal, but he was more interested in political gain as opposed to financial benefit.

Wallace was held captive and was brutalised by Douglas Benedict for an extensive period of time. Armed Police finally breached the premises and, in a flurry of shots, took down the remaining rioters including Charles Wallace himself.


PA CEOLetter.jpg

A letter from the deceased CEO will always appear whenever a player creates a new prison. This letter summarizes what the player should do to get their new prison up and running.

If the Psych Ward DLC in enabled, a second letter will also appear above the aforementioned one. This letter is about Criminally Insane inmates and how to take care of them.

After a seemingly random amount of time with no apparent causes, the CEO will call the player and inform them about Reform Programs.

If Failure Conditions are enabled, the CEO will warn the player of impending failure and if it actually happens.



It is assumed that Wallace was killed unintentionally and he was just collateral damage due to being in the line of fire at the time of the shooting. However, some theorize that the killing of Charles Wallace was intentionally sought out by Mayor Calvin Heller in attempt to conceal the secret regarding his scandal, especially considering how Wallace was aimed at by the armed police after Benedict was dead, leaving no targets in that location. This is further proven by the picture of Wallace being named "Bravo Target Down".