Prison Architect Wiki

First update from Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven.

Patch notes[]

  • 4 new floor tiles and 4 new wall types added
  • Increased the number of foremen that can be hired for larger prisons where foremen also teach programs
  • Added new sprites for missing orientations to many items. Aiming to provide full set of rotations to all objects in the future
  • Added “Guard Response” button that allows players to immediately send existing nearby guards to a location, instead of needing to hire additional guards to deal with incidents
  • New “Tunnel Search” button that allows the player to have guards search all toilets only, for hidden escape tunnels
  • Additional Quick Rooms added to the Quick Build menu, for quicker and easier room construction
  • Following prisoners and staff has been made easier, you can now double-click on them to enable

Mod Support:[]

Special thanks to badAim and Murgh for helping us identify this issue

  • New content is being added to a brand new tileset file
  • The current tileset.png has been made larger, allowing for more custom content

Known Issues:[]

  • We're investigating an issue where the game crashes due to the update. We'll update you as soon as we have a fix! UPDATE - we found the issue. Working on deploying hotfix
  • We also accidentally changed the size of the boilers. Hotfixing that as well!

Update 2[]

Hotfix is now live. Boilers and the crashing should be fixed. Please let us know if there are still crash issues

Update 3:[]

  • We put out another hotfix so your prisoners no longer are making telephone calls from containers of bleach! Also, they are sitting properly at tables!
  • Thanks for your patience with these bugs. We rushed this free update to bring it to you ASAP, and in hindsight we realize that more work needed to be done to assure quality. We apologize for this, and promise a MUCH smoother release for our next free update.