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The Glasshouse is a free content update that was released along side with the Going Green (DLC) on 28 January 2021 on all platforms except mobile.

All Platforms[]

  • New Recycling System
  • New Quick Rooms
    • Yard, Grove, and hedge maze
  • 2 New dog types
    • Shepherd
    • Bowtie Bandit
  • Community improvement: dump/demolish
  • Community improvement: Objects Menu Sorting Methods

PC only[]

  • Staff alerts
  • Job Menu optimization

Consoles only[]

Bugfixes and Improvements[]


  • Clothes no longer get stuck inside of the washing machine causing an issue with dirty laundry.
  • Ingredients should no longer be stacking up in the fridges and preventing the cooks from working.
  • Workers no longer get stuck trying to build new structures.
  • Delivery trucks and boats efficiency.


  • The prisoner intake does not match the actual intake.