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Toilets are a fundamental for any facility. Their main purpose, like in real life, is to lower the bladder and bowels needs of the user.

Toilets can be used by prisoners and staff alike.

Toilets are required in cells of all kinds, e.g. family cell, dormitories. Prisoners and staff will need to use the toilet several times a day. It is therefore wise to install them in other areas of your facility to efficiently satisfy the needs of your population. Such areas may include:


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Toilets, as in real life, require a direct water connection to a water pipe. It is highly recommended that you use small water pipes as opposed to large water pipes. The reasoning for this is detailed below.



Because of their connection to the water pipe system, toilets can be used to create escape tunnels. Escape tunnels will always start from a toilet in a prisoner's cell. Because of this, toilets can and should be regularly searched for tunnels. Searching a toilet will not always 100% reveal a tunnel, if there is one. The only surefire way to ascertain the existence of a tunnel beneath a toilet is to dismantle it.


  • Toilets can be used to conceal contraband as well as tunnels.
  • If a toilet is damaged enough or destroyed, it will begin to spurt water and flood the area.
  • A new emergencies feature has been added to 'search toilets' which will search all the toilets in a cell block.

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