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An example of traits listed in a save file

Each prisoner has a series of hidden attributes called traits that determine what actions the prisoner is willing to do and how often. As an example, only prisoners who possess the Clever trait are able to dig Escape Tunnels. Despite the fact that they are not listed in the Prisoner Profile like reputations, you can deduce a prisoner's traits by the crimes they have been incarcerated for, as each of them has some traits as requirement. Prisoners will not commit certain crimes if they don't match a required trait, however the developers have suggested that occasionally prisoners may be innocent of the crime they were accused of.

Another effective way to see what traits a prisoner has is to open the save file with a text editor.

Traits and Their Effects[]

There are thirteen total traits and many have an affect on how a prisoner reacts in many situations. Keep in mind that the information on traits is very limited and some of the descriptions are not necessarily wholly accurate. The chance for a prisoner to have a certain trait depends on their risk category.

Trait Effect MinSec MedSec MaxSec Related Crimes
Violent This trait influences how likely a prisoner is to fight others. They are probably much more likely to start or join riots. 10% 50% 90% Violent Disorder, Torture, Assault, Aggravated Assault, Assaulting an Officer, Grievous Bodily Harm, Murder, Attempted Murder, Rioting, Rape.
Fraud General 'white collar crime'. It is unknown if this has any effect on behavior. 80% 40% 0% Bribery, Forgery, Fraud, Counterfeiting Currency, False Accounting, Insider Trading, Money Laundering, Blackmail.
Risk Life Someone with this trait is possibly more likely to try to escape through an open door despite the presence of nearby armed guards, start a fire using a lighter and hijack a bus. 0% 30% 80% Aggravated Burglary, Arson, Aggravated Vehicle Theft, Joyriding, Dangerous Driving, Death by Dangerous Driving, Driving under Influence, Aggravated Assault, Grievous Bodily Harm, Armed Robbery.
Destructive Prisoners who have the 'Destructive' trait are much more likely to vandalize your prison or their cells if angry. 20% 50% 90% Arson, Criminal Damage, Vandalism, Rioting, Violent Disorder.
Theft With this trait, a prisoner is likely to steal from your prison if they want something. 90% 70% 30% Aggravated Burglary, Burglary, Aggravated Vehicle Theft, Armed Robbery, Robbery, Car Jacking, Handling Stolen Goods, Video Game Piracy, Indie Video Game Piracy, Shoplifting, Pickpocketing, Car Theft.
Narcotics A prisoner with this trait is an addict and will seek out Narcotics contraband. 50% 50% 20% Possession, Possession Intent to Supply, Driving under Influence, Drunk Disorderly Behavior.
Lethal A prisoner with this trait may be more likely to murder snitches and ex-law enforcers if given a chance, and they probably deal more damage with their attacks. 0 10% 90% Murder, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter.
Sexual No known effect in prison. 0 10% 10% Rape, Gross Indecency, Voyeurism.
Controlling A controlling prisoner might be more efficient as an instigator. 0 30% 60% Kidnapping, False Imprisonment, Torture, Trafficking.
Vehicular This trait might be necessary for a prisoner to be able to hijack a truck for an escape attempt. 20% 40% 0 Aggravated Vehicle Theft, Joy Riding, Dangerous Driving, Death by Dangerous Driving, Driving under Influence, Car Jacking, Car Theft.
Clever Only prisoners with this trait can dig an Escape Tunnel. 30% 20% 10% Counterfeiting Currency, False Accounting, Insider Trading, Money Laundering, Video Game Piracy, Indie Video Game Piracy.
Petty Related to small crimes, a prisoner with this trait is unlikely to be a big threat. 50% 10% 0 Handling Stolen Goods, Shoplifting, Pickpocketing
Young An extra trait that unlike the others is only related to some small crimes. The age for prisoners with this trait spans from 18 to 50. - - - Vandalism, Aggravated Vehicle Theft, Joy Riding, Car Jacking, Pickpocketing.

Crimes and Associated Traits[]

Here is a list of the crimes and the traits that you can assume from them. They only need one of the traits assigned to a crime in order to commit it. Remember that a prisoner can still have traits for which they have yet to commit crimes for; the opposite is never true (if they have committed a crime, they -will- have at least one associated trait, whether they plea guilty or not).

A prisoner will arrive in your prison assigned to the highest risk category among the committed crimes.

Crime Risk Associated Traits Sentence Length
Bribery Low Fraud 2-10 years
Aggravated Burglary Medium Theft, Risks Life 10-25 years
Burglary Low Theft 5-10 years
Arson Medium Risks Life, Destructive 15-25 years
Criminal Damage Low Destructive 2-10 years
Vandalism Low Destructive, Young 1-2 years
Violent Disorder Medium Violent 2-5 years
Possession Medium Narcotics 2-7 years
Possession Intent to Supply Low Narcotics 3-14 years
Forgery Low Fraud 2-10 years
Fraud Low Fraud 2-10 years
Counterfeiting Currency Low Fraud, Clever 2-10 years
False Accounting Low Fraud, Clever 1-7 years
Insider Trading Low Fraud, Clever 1-7 years
Money Laundering Low Fraud, Clever 5-14 years
Aggravated Vehicle Theft Medium Theft, Risks Life, Vehicular, Young 3-10 years
Joy Riding Medium Risks Life, Vehicular, Young 1-5 years
Dangerous Driving Low Risks Life, Vehicular 1-2 years
Death by Dangerous Driving Medium Risks Life, Vehicular 8-14 years
Driving under Influence Medium Risks Life, Narcotics, Vehicular 1-4 years
Kidnapping Medium Controlling 4-7 years
False Imprisonment Medium Controlling 5-15 years
Torture High Violent, Controlling 5-15 years
Assault Medium Violent 1-10 years
Aggravated Assault High Violent, Risks Life 10-15 years
Assaulting an Officer Medium Violent 3-10 years
Grievous Bodily Harm High Violent, Risks Life 7-15 years
Murder High Violent, Lethal 25 years
Attempted Murder High Violent, Lethal 10-25 years
Manslaughter Medium Lethal 10-25 years
Drunk Disorderly Behaviour Low Narcotics 1-2 years
Perjury Low none 3-7 years
Rioting Medium Violent, Destructive 5-10 years
Violent Disorder Medium Violent, Destructive 3-5 years
Trafficking Medium Controlling 10-15 years
Armed Robbery High Theft, Risks Life 15-25 years
Robbery Medium Theft 5-15 years
Car Jacking Medium Theft, Vehicular, Young 5-15 years
Blackmail Low Fraud 6-14 years
Handling Stolen Goods Low Theft, Petty 2-14 years
Video Game Piracy Low Theft, Clever 2-4 years
Indie Video Game Piracy Low Theft, Clever 3-6 years
Shoplifting Low Theft, Petty 2-10 years
Pickpocketing Low Theft, Petty, Young 2-10 years
Car Theft Low Theft, Vehicular 5-14 years
Rape High Sexual, Violent 4-15 years
Gross Indecency Low Sexual 2-10 years
Voyeurism Low Sexual 1-2 years

There are 4 extra crimes in the game files that are currently not in the game.

Crime Risk Associated Traits Sentence Length
Perverting Course of Justice Low none 5-15 years
Contempt of Court Low none 1-2 years
Escaping from Lawful Custody Low none 1-3 years
Espionage Low none 3-14 years

These sentences will dictate how long each criminal will stay in your prison (1 year = 5 in-game days). A prisoner can have more than one sentence, and in that case the length of the sentence will be a sum of all their individual crimes.

(Second Chances DLC only) A prisoner's sentence can be adjusted in the Prisoner tab of the Reports, by clicking on 'Sentence Adjustment'.