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A transformer is an utility that converts electrical power generated by green energy sources into appliance-friendly energy. Multiple energy sources such as Solar Panels, Wind Turbine and Solar Wind Hybrid can be connected. Electrical cables must be connected in the direction shown by the attached arrows.

Batteries can be attached to the transformer, similar to capacitors attaching to Power Stations. However, the amount attached does not affect how much power a transformer can process at a time. A single transformer can output up to 5000 units of energy, including used for charging the batteries. Since power export is instantly draining battery stored power at midnight, it is not recommended to have a power grid that relies on battery for night time to attach to power export.

The best strategy when you don't have weather on is use only wind turbine since they produce fixed amount of energy 24-7. You do not need any battery for the main power grid transformer, and should have maxed battery for dedicated power exporting transformer.

With weather on, Hybrid green energy is preferred as the turbine part ignores sunny weather effect and the entire model ignores raining weather effect, making it way more powerful than the other two.