Prison Architect Wiki

For fruit trees, see Fruit Orchard.

Trees can serve as decoration for your prison or sold as a source of income, (85$ per log, 3 logs per tree). The buying, planting, dismantling and selling of trees can be automated through Forestry, or bought in the Toolbar->Objects menu.

Wooden logs is obtained by dismantling any tree, placed by the player, spawned in by worldgen or grown in a forestry. Once dismantled, trees drop 3 wood logs. Planted trees have an average growth time of 54 hours.

Trees which have been cut down (dismantled) leave behind a stump which must be removed before another tree can be planted. Tree Stumps can be dumped by workers or left to decay after a short period of about a day (in-game time).


See Workshop and Prison Labour for more information.

If you have a Workshop the wood can be cut into 4 planks using a workshop saw which sell for (85$ per plank) and stacks to 20, or processed even further to create Superior Beds which sells for even more.


See Forestry for more information.

A forestry "room" will automate the process of tree planting and cutting but you will need gardeners to plant the trees and workers or prisoners to cut them down. Any tree planted manually outside of forestry will be considered decoration, unless manually cut down.


  • Trees planted near walls and fences is a potential escape route as prisoners can climb and jump over to escape.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • You can mass order the cutting of trees (such as large areas of tree clumps on a starting map) by using the dismantle object tool on the objects list and dragging it across all the trees that need to be cut. (this is much faster than individually selecting each tree)


  • As of Alpha 16, there are multiple tree types, Some can't be bought and grows depending on what materal trees are planted on.
  • As of Update 15, prisoners can climb trees and jump over the nearby fences and walls.