A Truck Driver is an external staff which will spawn from a Delivery Truck when it is ready to load or unload cargo. The truck driver will work alongside workmen to help unload deliveries and load garbage before despawning again.

Truck Drivers are new to the game since Alpha 28. They will automatically spawn a truck driver next to the truck to help out with the loading and unloading task.

Notes: Edit

  • He will help unload the deliveries and load garbage and exports.
  • The truck can't leave until he returns.
  • However, if he dies or falls unconscious whilst doing his job, or takes too long to return (>1 hour), the truck will leave without him and he will be forced to walk home.
  • As of Alpha 30, prisoners are now delivered by Prison Buses instead of Delivery Trucks.
  • As of Alpha 29, Truck Drivers have their own skin, which is similar to the Janitors.
  • The truck driver is highly effective if the workmen already have other jobs queued. However, the truck driver can also greatly slow down the unloading and loading process, as trucks must now wait for the driver to return before proceeding.