Prison Architect Wiki

The Truck Driver is an external staff member who arrives at your prison via a Supply Truck. His main purposes are:

  • to drive the supply truck.
  • to support the process of loading & unloading imported/exported materials into and out of your prison facility.

The truck driver assists the workmen with moving supplies to and from the truck. Once all supplies have been relocated, the truck driver will return to their vehicle and drive it to the edge of the map where they will despawn.

The delivery truck will not leave until the truck driver returns. However, if the truck driver is killed, the truck itself will leave after about an in-game hour of waiting. The same will apply if the truck driver takes too long to unload/load the truck or is temporarily incapacitated (knocked unconscious).


As of Update 15, certain prisoners possess the skill and ability to commandeer delivery trucks left on the road, and will use them to aid their escape from the facility. This poses an increased risk to truck drivers who may be knocked unconscious or killed by an escaping prisoner.


  • As of Alpha 30, prisoners are now delivered by Prison Buses instead of Supply Trucks.
  • As of Alpha 29, Truck Drivers have their own skin which is similar to the Janitors.
  • The truck driver is highly effective if the workmen already have other jobs queued. However, the truck driver can also greatly slow down the unloading and loading process, as trucks must now wait for the driver to return before proceeding.
  • As of Update 15, certain prisoners can Hijack trucks.
  • In Prison Architect, Island Bound, the truck driver will drive helicopters and Boats but will not leave the vehicle