Prison Architect Wiki

This update adds in thermodynamics (ambient temperature) into your prison(s). Stated in the update, outdoor temperature will vary during day, and turn cold at night. This will have an effect on your Prisoners, and adds a need for warmth and will add a status effect called "overheating". Indoor areas near doors and Windows will lose heat very quickly. Objects like the Power Station, Cookers, Water Pump Stations, etc will create heat. There is also a new object added in called the Radiator, which heats up your prison if required.

The Clone Tool no longer has to be researched, but is instead replaced under the "Quick Build" menu. There are 6 options; Clone (like usual), Basic Cell, Solitary, Luxury Cell, and an Office option.

Visitor Booths can now be connected to Phone Taps. There are now Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Traditional Chinese translations.

Bug fixes[]

  • - 0010454: [Gameplay] Escape mode: Revive prisoners
  • - 0010333: [Gameplay] Fill to capacity improvement
  • - 0010588: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners can work and get paid even when job room is invalid
  • - 0009100: [AI & Behaviour] Mail delivered to solitary cell after inmate has left
  • - 0010566: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners do not use Weights Benches
  • - 0010500: [Performance] Snipers in Guard Towers cause major lag
  • - 0010567: [AI & Behaviour] Doctors get stuck while attempting to heal
  • - 0010539: [Gameplay] Saved game, crashes at same spot
  • - 0010519: [AI & Behaviour] Wrong delivered mail