Prison Architect Wiki

Utility tools are management tools used to connect, disconnect and manage links between objects and utilities such as CCTV and CCTV Monitors. The tools can be accessed from the utilities menu.


Used to connect objects and utilities together. Left shift can be used to connect multiple things at the same time. Connect option can be also accessed by clicking on the object that supports connections. Examples:

Quick Connect[]

The Quick Connect feature automatically connects a device to the nearest available suitable target

Tidy Wires[]

Allows the player to organize wires by creating "dots" the wires have to connect to. Dots can be remove by clicking on them.

To start, select Tidy Wires from the Utilities menu and create the first "point" on selected wire by hovering on it with your mouse and left clicking on it. Once the point is created, you can move it around and leave it wherever you like.

Show Wires[]

View all connections, helpful to find unconnected objects and utilities.

Dismantle Utility[]

Dismantle Utility is used to dismantle selected utilities. Once marked for dismantle, workers will start dismantling it as soon as they are available. If you use Dismantle Utility on a tile with multiple utilities stacked on top of each other, both will be marked for disassembly.