PA Valuation Trimmed

As of Alpha 28

The Valuation tab can be found under reports. An accountant is needed to view this. Valuation gives an overview of your prison value, including the value of your Staff, prisoner capacity, and objects. It also shows any penalties earned for deaths or escapes.

In alpha 14 and up, the total value of your prison can be sold to fund a new prison on a new map. Your prison can only be sold once but you can continue playing on the map. Additionally, you may sell shares in your prison, at a rate of 10% of your prison's value, excluding cash. You may buy back these shares at the same rate of 10% of your prison's value, including cash.

By reselling your prison after the first time, you can continue to expand your prison further, i.e. you can start a very low funded prison and eventually work your way up to a very big and well funded prison

In order to sell your prison you have to meet these requirements:

  • An accountant at your prison with their own office.
  • $50,000 minimum positive prison value.
  • 20 or more prisoners.
  • No recent deaths or escapes.

Prison ValueEdit

The following are components in prison value. All are bonuses add to your valuation (except stock and materials).

  • Bricks and Mortar (which improves with the condition/cleanliness of your prison).
  • Fixtures and Fittings: Objects such as beds, office desks, toilets, etc.
  • Stock and materials: Consists of food, sheet metal, laundry, bleach and other supplies in storage.
  • Prisoner Capacity ($500 per prisoner): The number of cells you have, excluding holding cells or solitary confinement.
  • Cash: How much cash you have on-hand.

A prison that is worth $1 000 000.

Safety and SecurityEdit

Penalties may be awarded to any prisons which have experienced any:

  • Deaths in the last 24 hours
  • Escapes in the last 24 hours

Each penalty is worth $50,000 per prisoner.