Prison Architect Wiki

Prisoners can meet with their families and lawyers here during the visiting hours 8am-8pm. They will start arriving when the visitation room has been built. As soon as a prisoner sits down onto a Visitor Table, their family need is completely fulfilled instantly.

Prisoners should only visit with families during free time, although they will sometimes not obey this. They will also leave work to visit family.

Family members arrive each morning and enter through whichever gate is closest to the top of the map. Prisoners will escape through if you create an easy path for families, so make sure they enter/exit through a secure entrance.


Visitation is a key source for contraband coming into any prison. Sometimes upwards of 50% of visits will smuggle contraband. Adding countermeasures such as Metal Detectors, Guard Dogs and Checkpoint is essential to handle this. Using Visitor Booth is effective but reduces the effectiveness of the room.

Tips and tricks[]

  • Visitors don't carry contraband. It will be teleported to the Visitation room. So searching visitors have no effect.
  • In rare cases it is possible for a prisoner to be upset by the visitation and kill their family, so have guards nearby.