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Visitors count as any entity not employed directly by your facility. Most visitors to your facility represent the family members and associates of currently incarcerated inmates.

A prisoner's family can be viewed in their biographies.

More specifically, visitors can take the forms of:

  • An inmate's family member.
  • An inmate's lawyer.
  • An externally hired teacher.
  • An externally hired religious leader.
  • An externally hired parole official.


Prisoners have family needs which can be reduced by seeing their families in visitation. Visitation hours commence at 8am and finish at 8pm. In between these hours, visitors will arrive on your prison's main road, boat or helicopter.

They will then spend a certain amount of time with their respective inmate before leaving the prison.


It is possible for prison inmates to be given contraband that has been smuggled in by their visitors. Be advised, visitors cannot be searched, sniffed by guard dogs nor scanned by metal detectors. This means that the smuggled contraband cannot be detected before it is passed to the inmates. Simply spawns in the visitation room.

However, it can be prevented. Installing visitor booths means that the dividing screen between prisoner and visitor will disallow the exchange of contraband.

Execution & Parole[]

As well as attending visitation, visitors will also attend prisoner executions. Those in attendance are usually:

  • The family or close friends of the convicted prisoner.
  • The family or close friends of the victim.
  • A religious leader.
  • The Warden.
  • The Chief

Likewise, parole sessions are officiated by two externally hired visitors:

They have the ability to grant or deny a prisoner's application for early release.


  • Visitor Doors can now be installed to increase the efficiency of visitor transitions around your prison.
  • Visitor Booths can only sit 1 visitor per session. Using them will prevent contraband exchange, but will also decrease your prisoner's family need much more slowly.
  • Visitors usually arrive at your prison in groups.
  • An inmate can have a maximum of three visitors at visitation, if a visitation table is used.
  • Visitor appearances are randomized.
  • Whether or not an entity is actually considered a visitor can be determined by their ability to open a staff and visitor door. If they can open both doors, they're staff. If they can only open the visitor door, they are a visitor.